Best Rated Trampolines

The 5 Best Rated Trampolines for You

There are several factors to consider when you are looking for a top rated trampoline, and hundreds of models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a large recreational trampoline for outdoor use or a smaller one to help you stay in shape, there is one that will be perfect for all your needs. The following trampolines are designed to be easy to set up, safe and one of these models might be exactly what you are looking for.

Top Rated Trampolines

JumpSport 220 The Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport 220 The Fitness TrampolineThis 40 inch trampoline is designed to help you get in shape, and is ideal for in or outdoor use. With a two coat finish on the black frame, this durable trampoline can withstand years of use. The legs are arched to provide additional stability, and the strong bungee cords hold the jumping surface firmly in place. With the included workout video, you’ll be amazed at how fun and easy it is to get and stay in shape.


  • This sturdy trampoline is designed to last for years, and features a double coated frame.
  • The arched legs provide additional stability, and its lower height makes it safe for younger jumpers to use.
  • You have the advantaged of the included workout DVD which helps you get started getting into shape.


  • It should be mentioned that this 40″ trampoline does not fold down, which can make it difficult to conveniently store.
  • This is a single person size trampoline and is intended for exercise, which might not make it ideal for larger families.

Skywalker Trampoline w/ Safety Enclosure

Skywalker Trampoline w  Safety EnclosureWith eight feet of jumping space and attached safety net, this trampoline can keep active children entertained. This trampoline is designed to be safe and durable, and is incredibly easy to assemble. The attached enclosed keeps younger kids safely inside, and helps to prevent dangerous tumbles over the side. With a low profile design and able to support up to 175 pounds, it is easy to see why this is one of the top rated trampolines for children.


  • This trampoline is durable and affordably priced to fit the budget of most families.
  • It is designed for younger children and meets all of the safety requirements, included the attached mesh enclosure.
  • You also have the advantage of the foam padding around the edge of the jumping mat to help prevent painful injuries.


  • It should be noted that most experts recommend only allowing one child on the trampoline at a time, which might not be ideal for families with several children.
  • The lower profile construction is safe for younger children, but it can limit the use of the trampoline.

Skywalker 15′ Round Trampoline w/ Enclosure

Skywalker 15' Round Trampoline w  EnclosureThis outdoor trampoline is perfect for keeping active kids entertained, and its 15′ size gives them plenty of room to move around. The taller height makes this one of the best trampolines for kids of all ages, including adults who love to have fun. It is able to support up to 200 pounds, and the durable steel frame is rust and weather resistant. Designed for safety and stability, you and your family will have years of fun with this durable outdoor trampoline.


  • The round design enables the trampoline to fit in smaller backyards, and it also features an affordable price.
  • You have the advantage of the reinforced joints for added strength, and the “W” shaped legs that ensure stability.
  • The included mesh enclosure is easy to attach, and prevents painful injuries and falls over the side.


  • It should be noted that this is 15 foot trampoline, which should be considered depending on the size of your yard.
  • This trampoline is designed for use by children ages 6 and up, and is not recommend for toddlers.

Stamina 39 inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 39 inch Folding TrampolineIf you need an easy way to workout at home that is also fun this might be the best trampoline for you. It’s compact size and folding design is perfect for smaller apartments, and can be slide easily under a bed or in a closet. The tight jumping surface will help you burn calories and improve your heart health, while also having fun. It is durable, stable and affordably priced making it one of the bet trampolines for exercise and fun.


  • With 36″ of space, you have plenty of room to exercise, and the trampoline is still small enough for convenient storage.
  • You have the advantage of the easy folding design, and there is almost no assembly required with this single person trampoline.
  • There are thirty bands that provide stability and resistant so you can safely get the maximum benefits of your aerobic workout.


  • It should be noted that there is not a safety bar included with this trampoline, and it might not be ideal for younger children and toddlers.
  • Some consumers have mentioned that there might be too much resistance on the jumping surface which can make some workouts more difficult to safely perform.

Pure Fun 14 Foot Trampoline

Pure Fun 14 Foot TrampolineYou and your family will love having 14 foot of jumping space, which is large enough to hold more than one person safely at a time. The “w” shaped legs provide plenty of stability, and the steel frame is rust and weather resistant. This indoor/outdoor trampoline is certified for safety, and is designed to provide years of fun. Easy to assemble and affordably priced, it is easy to see why this is considered the best trampoline for sale.


  • The durable steel frame is coated for rust and weather protection, and the sturdy assembly ensures limited shifting and moving.
  • You have the advantage of the tight springs which will provide more bounce for your jumps.
  • There are 8 legs for stability, and this trampoline meets all safety requirements.


  • It should be noted that this trampoline does not include a safety enclosure and might not be ideal for younger children.
  • The round design does help to save space, but it might not be not all consumers’ preferences.


Anna is a proud mother of an energetic 10 year old boy, and is always looking for new ways to keep him entertained and physically active. After trying a number of different activities to keep her son occupied with limited success, she finally decided to try an outdoor trampoline. Now her son is getting plenty of exercise, and having fun. Anna enjoys sharing tips on trampoline safety with other parents, and discussing the latest improvements. When she is not with her son, she enjoys visiting the flea markets and antique malls that are by her home in Upstate New York.

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