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AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline with Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety

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Trampolines for the Older Kids

Trampolines are always under stress so they need to be able to carry the load and at the same time be flexible enough to give that bounce that everyone love about a trampoline. The materials and the added features when constructing a trampoline depends on the load capacity it is supposed to carry. The load capacity would depend on the intended users and that means the age group. Trampolines for little kids ages 3 to 7 usually have extra safety features. The stretch bands are used instead of springs, and there is a handlebar. The frame and the handle are padded with thick foam. The jumping space is a bit confined and the area of the jumping mat is enough to fit the little kid inside.

The trampolines for the older kids ages 6 and above are different. There are a lot of springs to increase the bounce. Kids love to be thrown into the air when they use the trampoline. The jumping space need to be large that means, most trampolines for older kids need to be placed outdoors. The trampolines for the two different age groups might have some differences but they have one thing in common, the risk that comes with using them. That is why there are safety features for any trampoline.

Perimeter Safety Feature

The AirZone Outdoor Spring Trampoline makes use of the Mesh Padded Perimeter Safety Feature. This type of enclosure is based on a pending patent design for an enclosure that ties securely to the perimeter of the jump mat keeping the jumpers away from the edge of the jumping mat.

The trampoline is very stable with its 4 W-shaped legs and spring rail constructed in T-joints. Assembling the trampoline takes little time but requires at least two persons to do it.

Caring for your Trampoline

Trampolines with good quality are expected to last for years. However, you should take responsibility in making sure that the trampoline will really last. This means, taking care for the trampoline not just to make it last but also to ensure the safety of the people who will be using it.

The first level of care is cleaning the trampoline. Most trampolines have rust free springs and stainless steel frames. You can use liquid soap to clean the mat without disassembling it. The mat needs to be dried off before using it.

The next level of care is making sure that the jumpers will not damage the trampoline. The jumpers should only be wearing socks, gymnast shoes, or none at all. The mat can get damaged by sharp objects so you should not bring any objects that can tear or pierce the mat and the enclosure.

The third level of care is repairing the trampoline immediately once it takes some minor damage. The Arizone Outdoor Spring Trampoline has a warranty and can be repaired it the terms apply. Before using the trampoline, you should always inspect if it does not have any tears, frays or twists in its mat, padding, and frame. Trampolines can still last longer and provide safety even though the parts have been replaced or repaired.

However, there are instances when the trampoline can no longer be rendered repairable, you should never use it anymore because it can be unsafe. You have to dispose it and get another one if you still want to have a trampoline.



Anna is a proud mother of an energetic 10 year old boy, and is always looking for new ways to keep him entertained and physically active. After trying a number of different activities to keep her son occupied with limited success, she finally decided to try an outdoor trampoline. Now her son is getting plenty of exercise, and having fun. Anna enjoys sharing tips on trampoline safety with other parents, and discussing the latest improvements. When she is not with her son, she enjoys visiting the flea markets and antique malls that are by her home in Upstate New York.

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