Bazoongi Bouncer Portable & Durable Trampoline

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The Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline is a trampoline with 48 in diameter jumping mat and 30 pieces of 3.5 in galvanized springs. It also has an adjustable handle which is padded with foam and covered with polyester sleeves to prevent tearing. The springs are covered with a pad cover to prevent the kids from stepping onto the springs or the frame of the trampoline. The frame of the trampoline is galvanized and rust-resistant so it will really last. The entire structure of the trampoline is very sturdy. It has a load capacity of 100 lbs.

Tips in Assembling the Trampoline

A lot of people complained about how unclear the instructions were and it left out some important information that could have save some time in assembling the trampoline. The first thing that must be done in order to minimize the time and effort in assembling the trampoline is to read all the instructions first and refer to the pictures.

After reading all the instructions, the first part of the assembly is putting together the frame and the legs of the trampoline. The usual mistake in this step is not putting the side with the holes facing upward. Another thing to keep in mind is that the handlebar legs should be next each other. When closing the circle frame, it would be best to do it with another person since it would require strong hands. The last major step for the first part is attaching the handle bar. Again, a strong set of hands are required to properly do this.

The next part is attaching the mat and the frame cover. There is a proper sequence or order when putting the strings. Make sure to follow that order before attaching the springs. The instructions will tell you the correct order. The last step is attaching the frame pad. This is a fairly step. Once you’ve done all the steps correctly, the trampoline should stand very sturdy.


  • Jumping Space: 10/10

For a kid’s trampoline, the jumping space is wide enough to fit another kid as long as the load capacity is not exceeded. Comparing it with other trampolines for kids, the diameter of the jumping mat is one of the widest.

  • Longevity: 10/10

The trampoline is very sturdy and all the reinforcements are present to make it last long. Some people have had this trampoline for more than a year and it is still working fine.

  • Assembly: 9/10

The assembly is fairly easy once to get the instructions right and you have another person helping you to do it.

  • Security: 9/10

The pad cover of the frame prevents any injuries. The handlebar also provides added safety and stability to the kid that will be using the trampoline.

Bazoongi 48" Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar
List Price: $124.99
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You Save: $42.79
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  • Portability: 9/10

The trampoline is light enough to bring around the house but would require some space because of its wide diameter and the handlebar.

  • Quality: 10/10

The trampoline is made from very durable materials and the parts are put together tightly.

  • Value for Money: 9/10

Considering the sturdiness of the trampoline, it is not a surprise that it costs a bit higher than the other kid’s trampolines.



Anna is a proud mother of an energetic 10 year old boy, and is always looking for new ways to keep him entertained and physically active. After trying a number of different activities to keep her son occupied with limited success, she finally decided to try an outdoor trampoline. Now her son is getting plenty of exercise, and having fun. Anna enjoys sharing tips on trampoline safety with other parents, and discussing the latest improvements. When she is not with her son, she enjoys visiting the flea markets and antique malls that are by her home in Upstate New York.

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