Trampoline Stay Outside During The Winter

Can A Trampoline Stay Outside During The Winter?

Trampoline Stay Outside During The Winter

Trampoline Stay Outside During The Winter

We are frequently asked by consumers if they can leave their trampoline sitting out during the winter, and the answer generally depends on the amount of storage space you have available. If there is simply no way a trampoline will fit in a garage or storage shed then the answer is, “yes, you can leave a trampoline outside as long as it is properly protected”.

How to Protect a Trampoline in the Winter

Protecting your trampoline from the cold and wet winter weather is actually pretty easy if you follow these simple steps.


Most trampolines are constructed from powder coated steel or rust proof aluminum so you can leave the frame outdoors with only a covering. It is recommended that you remove the netting and jumping mat, and fold each one up for winter storage. The mat and safety netting are usually pretty easy to fold down to a compact and manageable size that will fit easily in a protected corner.


Once the netting and jumping mat has been removed, experts actually recommend leaving the trampoline uncovered. This helps to prevent moisture from melting ice and snow from damaging or weakening the frame or springs, and also makes it a little easier on you when you are getting it ready for winter storage. It is important to keep an eye on snow fall and brush off the trampoline when snow does start to accumulate.


Winter winds can be strong and if your trampoline is not anchored down, it can present a dangerous problem. There are specialized kits that you can purchase that will anchor the frame securely to the ground, or you can create your own system. Simply dig a trench where the legs for the trampoline will be. Once the legs are in the holes, cover it back up with tightly packed soil. This will help give the trampoline the support and stability it needs to stay upright during strong winter storms.


When it comes to trampolines safety is always the most important factor to consider. Always make sure the jumping mat is completely dry before letting anyone on the trampoline, and never let more than the recommended number of people on it at the same time. Adult supervision is always recommended anytime children are on the trampoline, and you do want to follow the age recommendation listed on the product description and advised by your child’s pediatrician.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time disassembling your trampoline for winter storage, if you follow the simple tips included in this article. While it is recommended to bring nets, pads, and even springs indoors if at all possible, you can still enjoy years of run and safe use with the trampoline if you simply do not have the storage space.

We look forward to reading any of your thoughts and comments, along with answering any other questions. We also encourage you to share this page with family and friends, and wish you a safe and fun time on your trampoline.

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Daniel Garcia

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