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Most trampolines are big and bulky. They are heavy and take up too much space. If you have a large yard, it would not be so much of a problem. Indoor trampolines are generally smaller in size than outdoor trampolines, but they still take up a lot of space inside the house. The only trampolines that are manageable inside a house are for the little kids. To add to that, trampolines have the ability to be folded are perfect for smaller houses or when storing the trampoline away.


The Galt Folding Trampoline is a children’s trampoline for ages 3 years old and above. It is quite small with dimensions of 34 in x 34 in x 34 in and light with a weight of 12.6 pounds. Although it is a kid’s trampoline, it can also be used outside. The wonderful thing about the trampoline is that the legs can be folded and the handle can be easily removed by unscrewing it.


The trampoline makes use of bungee cords for the bounce since the users are mostly kids. Bungee cords offer a less strong bounce but a softer and gentler springiness. The bungee cords are also one of the safety features employed in children’s trampolines. Bungee cords offer less harm the springs. Springs are known to pinch the fingers of the jumpers. To add another line of safety, the bungee cords and the metal frame of the trampoline are covered with foam pad to keep the kids protected from hard materials and from stepping into the bungee cords.

Safety Features

The grip handle is a very useful support and safety feature of the trampoline. Kids are still developing their balance and coordination, and it would be good if they have something to hold on to wile using the trampoline to keep them steady. To survive the outdoor environment and to last through time, the trampoline has a tough mat made from waterproof material. The metal frame is also coated with durable coated finish to protect from the hard elements.

Details about the Rating

The trampoline could have had more safety features being a single-person little kid’s trampoline. The trampolines which are considered to be really safe are the ones with enclosures. The handle could have been designed to be foldable like the legs to take out the hassle of unscrewing it every time you decide to store it away or to bring it another location in the house. The weight of the trampoline is too light that it can become unstable especially if the kid jumps to high or lands too hard on the jumping mat. Remember that the load capacity of the trampoline is 77 lbs.

Galt Folding Trampoline
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The jumping space is quite limited because of the shape of the trampoline. Unlike most trampolines which are round-shaped, this trampoline is rectangular. When it comes to assembling the trampoline, it’s quite easy. The only problem is with the bungee cords. Stretching out bungee cords is a rigorous task. A strong set of hands and following the instructions make the assembly easier and quicker.

Most trampolines are big and bulky. They are heavy and take up too much space. If you have a large yard, it would not be so much of a problem. Indoor trampolines are generally smaller in…
Jumping Space - 8
Longevity - 8
Assembly - 9
Security - 8
Quality - 9
Value for Money - 9


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Tina Simmerton

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