Pure Fun 9012TS 12′ Trampoline for Whole Family

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The Pure Fun 9012TS 12′ Trampoline & Enclosure Set is a trampoline for people who are looking for averaged-sized trampoline that is not too big but can still accommodate the weight of a grown-up or even two kids. It has a round jumping mat made from polypropylene and has a diameter of 12 feet. This is more than enough for a single kid to enjoy jumping without worrying about nearing the edge of the trampoline. The frame of the trampoline is rust-resistant and the metal tubing is from galvanized iron steel. These make the trampoline sturdy and stable. It has load capacity of 250 pounds.

Safety Enclosure

Aside from the solid and sturdy structure of this trampoline, it is also designed to be really safe especially for kids. An enclosure is attached to the frame of the trampoline to keep the jumpers away from the edge and keep them from falling. The enclosure is made from mesh fabric which is UV resistant which gives the enclosure protection against the hash sunlight.

The enclosure is secured at the top of the poles which they are attached to by T-sockets. This ensures that the poles and the enclosure will not be twisted as the kid or the user of the trampoline is jumping inside.


To give the trampoline the necessary bounce to bring the jumper up into the air, it is set up with 72 springs. Although this number is not really that many as compared to the larger trampolines, it can still provide a strong bounce. The springs and the frame of the trampoline are covered with foam pad to protect the jumpers from jumping into the spring or the metal frame.

Assembling the Trampoline

When it comes to assembling the product, there is a detailed instruction that comes with it, but people often encounter some problems when assembling it. It is best done by two people and the proper use of the too that come with the product. There are also other instructions or tips that you can get online to easily assemble the trampoline. The metal parts of the trampoline need to attached to the right pieces or the job has to be done from the start, or worse, parts may need to be replaced to them to fit with the right pieces. The trampoline has dimensions of 144 x 144 x 137 in and a weight of 169 pounds.

Making Sure It Lasts

The Pure Fun 9012TS 12' Trampoline & Enclosure Set is a trampoline for people who are looking for averaged-sized trampoline that is not too big but can still accommodate the…
Jumping Space - 9
Longevity - 9
Assembly - 9
Portability - 8
Security - 9
Quality - 10
Value for Money - 9


Pure Fun 9012TS 12' Trampoline & Enclosure

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The trampoline has been used by a lot of people and parents even let two kids play on it at the same time. Naturally, to ensure that the trampoline will really last, proper care must be employed. This means wearing the right clothes; no shoes or any sharp objects. It should also be cleaned to removed dirt and any deposits that might damage the jumping. The metal parts are known to last since they are made from durable materials.

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