Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure Review

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The Skywalker Trampolines 10 Ft. Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Blue Spring Pad is a medium-sized outdoor trampoline for ages 6 and above. Its weight capacity is 175 lbs. It has an enclosure attached to the mat using patented “button holes” to make sure that are no gaps between the jumping mat and the enclosure. The trampoline is made safe and durable with the use of T-sockets attaching the enclosure frame to the trampoline frame. It has 64 springs that provide superior bounce which are also rust resistant.

Other Details

  • Jumping mat diameter: 10 ft
  • Frame material: heavy gauged steel
  • Frame pad: 1 in thick foam
  • Assembled dimension: 10 ft x 10 ft x 8 ft
  • Product weight: 125 lbs


There are a number of accessories that can be bought to provided convenience, enhance safety, and make assembly easier. A trampoline ladder can be attached to the trampoline to make climbing in and out easier. This is extremely useful for trampolines with a jumping mat that is quite high. The ladder has to be padded with foam to added safety. To enhance the safety and stability of the trampoline, wind stakes can be used. Strong winds can easily tip over a trampoline without any support or load to hold it down. To make the assembly of the trampoline easier, there are spring pulling tools that can be purchased with the trampoline. These tools are designed to assist you in pulling the strings without hurting your hands.

The ladder can cost around $30 and can be bought from the same product’s company. The height of the ladders has to be specified before buying it. The wind stakes cost around $55-$60 for 4 pieces while the spring pulling tool can be bought at $5-$8. The accessories can also be bought in sets which will allow you to save money.


  • Jumping Space: 9/10

Since the trampoline is medium-sized, there are other trampolines with greater jumping spaces but considering other medium-sized trampolines, this is one provides enough jumping space for two or even three kids.

  • Longevity: 10/10

The product is still usable even after a couple years of use. It retains its quality even though it’s an outdoor trampoline.

  • Assembly: 8/10

It takes about an hour or more to get the whole trampoline to be set up. If the instructions are understood and followed properly, the assembly can only take about 45 minutes.

  • Security: 10/10

The enclosure and the padded frames make the trampoline at par with the safest trampolines in the market.

  • Portability: 7/10

The trampoline is not meant to be moved around places and has to be set up in a location with a wide area. The trampoline is quite heavy to move around as well.

  • Quality: 10/10

The trampoline is in excellent condition when it arrives and its quality is retained for years to come. The UV proof finish of the frame, the jumping mat, and the padding makes the entire trampoline long lasting and durable.

  • Value for Money: 10/10

For a medium-sized trampoline priced at around $280, it’s actually quite cheap.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

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