Skywalker 17-ft. Wide And Safe Oval Trampoline

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The Skywalker Trampolines 17-ft. Oval Trampoline with Spring Pad is yet another fun-filled and exciting trampoline that Skywalker has produced with the same attention to durability and safety evident in all the trampolines they produce. It is a very wide trampoline with a jumping surface of 17 feet which can accommodate up to three kids. The maximum load capacity is 200 lbs and it has this safety net which is attached to the springs ensuring a no gaps. The frame of the spring pad and the safety net are both made from galvanized steel. The frame is prevented from twisting with the use of T-sockets. The trampoline is very stable with 6 W-shaped legs.

Other Details

  • Frame: 16-gauge galvanized steel
  • Jumping mat: Polypropylene (UV proof)
  • Safety net: Polyethylene (UV proof)
  • Spring cover: Vinyl
  • Number of springs: 96
  • Assembled Dimensions: 204 in x 180 in x 109 in
  • Weight: 240 lbs

Oval Trampolines vs. Round Trampolines

This jumping mat is oval shaped and the regular jumping mats are round or circular. This design aims to provide a wider jumping space. The oval shape has a wider area where the users can jump with the least possibility of bumping into each other. There is a linear arrangement of the jumpers inside the trampoline. With round trampolines, the jumping area is circular so the jumpers can freely move around the trampoline. When more than one that are using the trampoline, there is the greater risk bumping into each other.

Assembling an oval trampoline requires a bit more care and attention than when assembling the round trampoline. The oval mat needs to be aligned properly with the frame for it to fit. If at least one spring is not attached the right position, the frame will not the mat well. With the round trampoline, the mat does not really have a specific position to be as long as the springs are attached in the right order, the frame will just hold the mat right.

Although in fairness to the oval shape, if you read the instructions properly or check out the reviews of people who have given a clearer set of instructions, the time it takes to assemble it is more or less the same as assembling a round trampoline with clear instructions.

If you want to go for a trampoline that can offer a wider and safer jumping space, the oval shape is the obvious choice, but if you want to go for the more standard trampoline, then you should go with the round trampoline.

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  • Jumping Space: 10/10

The oval shape accounts for a very wide jumping space and area.

  • Longevity: 9/10

Some users have had this trampoline for a couple of years and it still functions like it was new.

  • Assembly: 8/10

The unclear instructions make the assembly of the trampoline difficult.

  • Security: 10/10

The gap-free enclosure and the stable structure of the trampoline ensure that the jumpers are safe.

  • Portability: 8/10

It’s an outdoor trampoline and needs to be set-up where it should be for a long time. Moving it would require a lot of work especially if it needs to be disassembled.

  • Quality: 10/10

The trampoline has a fine quality and this quality lasts for years even with regular use.

  • Value for Money: 9/10

The trampoline costs around $400 and considering the quality and the longevity of the product, it’s well worth the money.

Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

Dan is a fitness trainer at a local Washington D.C. gym, where he encourages his clients to incorporate the trampoline into their workouts. According to Dan, "jumping on a trampoline is a great cardio workout, that is actually fun." While he does admit that some of his clients are a little hesitant, in the end they all seem to have fun. When Dan is not writing about the benefits of jumping on a trampoline, he can often be found browsing the local antique shops.
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